Story Of Success

I have been consulting Shruti to get my eating habits back on track. She has been super helpful and patient in bringing about sustainable change in my lifestyle. Her comprehensive approach towards lifestyle change has helped me get rid of my body aches and fatigue.


Romica Vasudev, BANGALORE

I consulted Shruti for my migraines. I have been having migraines for many years. She suggested a balanced diet which was right and easy to follow at the same time. The recipes that she gave for soup and salad were really good , both healthy and tasty.

She also dispelled several myths such as the relationship between cholesterol and eggs. I found her to be approachable.

I have not had any migraines for four weeks now, which is very good. I have signed up with her for a 3 month program so that the benefits can be sustained.

Mr Ramakrishna, Bangalore

I checked Google reviews and thought of meeting up with Shruti, as I had multiple diet restrictions I was a bit confused as to how diet change will help me. But I'm amazed that Shruti knew lot of details of Celiac disease and gave me good advice and simple changes to follow.Im slowly feeling more confident of my food choices.Thanks to her and would highly recommend Shruti for people having gut issues to consult her. Will meet up after a month for further advice. God bless her!!

Leena Mulay, BANGALORE

Shruti has been a blessing for me. I am so thankful that i bumped into her. I have couple of health issues that were quite chronic. I am now able to handle my issues so well with food in her guidance and gained confidence back.

Her approach towards dealing with issues is amazing. She suggests food as medicine and helps us with tasty recipes. I am super happy that i got to know her:)



I was surprised at how quickly I noticed a difference following Shruti’s advice. The recipes are easy to follow and you can always ask more questions.


Katherine, BANGALORE

Shruti's nutrition advice, guidance and support was very beneficial to me...her recipes and food plans are simple and takes into account regional/local produce thereby making it easy to follow and implement. I would recommend Shruti to anyone who is looking for guidance in their health and nutrition journey.


It’s been a wonderful journey with Shruti in loosing weight in a healthy way. I and my husband we both joined for weight loss and to improve our health conditions and we felt change only after following her first diet plan. She doesn't make you starve yourself, she always suggest healthier options. She always focusses on her client's health and routine.she provided us many recipes which were so easy and tasty.I owe all my hearty thanks and gratitude for helping me to stay healthy and happy.


Swati Kalhan, BANGALORE

Shruti is a storehouse of knowledge when it comes to managing diet, food habits and health issues. She is very patient in addressing concerns of her clients and religious in providing followups. Her diet recommendations are well researched and easy to follow. Her diet not only focuses on weight loss but also on healthy lifestyle. You will notice a visible difference in a few days. # Highly recommended# yummy recipes # super food

Nandisha Jindal, BANGALORE

Shruti's recommendation for diet is very simple to follow, uses natural products and suits everyone's lifestyle. Her recipes are also excellent resulting in having an enjoyable experience. She is also very diligent in her follow up and subtly pushes you to do more.

Vidhya Anand, BANGALORE

Shruti's recommendation for diet is very simple to follow, uses natural products and suits everyone's lifestyle. Her recipes are also excellent resulting in having an enjoyable experience. She is also very diligent in her follow up and subtly pushes you to do more.

Vidhya Anand, BANGALORE

Shruti's recipes are awesome - they are simple to follow and so healthy. Her style of explaining nutritional value of different types of food makes you understand and follow her suggestions. You also feel light after meals with the combination. Highly recommend!


She is very sweet and approachable. I consulted with her for my father. The diet is working great for him and she also ping post consultancy to check in on my dad’s health.

Mayashree Paul, BANGALORE

Overall good tips and detailed explanations regarding balanced food are given by Shruthi Gupta. Helpful ?

Sneha toggi, BANGALORE

Shruthi is wonderful nutritionist , she analyses the root cause and suggest you the plan , if you are interested to make lifestyle changes and have the patience to follow her plans , u will see wonderful results.

Srivalli Nandigam, BANGALORE

Shruti's in-depth knowledge in nutrition combined with emphasis on health and overall well being of a client are what set her apart. I would highly recommend diet4ever.

Bharani Koripalli, BANGALORE

My son is currently taking training in cricket. He is 16+years old. Got the reference of Madam Shruti from a friend. Shruti has throughy revamped the daily food intake for my son. He is now more active, energetic because of the new diat prescribed to a sportsman. The diat prescription has helped my son to be active during the day. Even the pimples on his face has disappeared and hair fall has stopped. Deeply appreciate the diat councelling and the in-depth knowledge she has.

Girish Goudar, BANGALORE

Recently my mum had multiple Ulcers and she stopped eating food. That time I contacted Shruti. She prepared meal plan base on my mum medical report.
Her meal plan really worked.
I highly recommend her.

Khushi Pardesi, BANGALORE

Shruti has her own style in dealing with the patient trying to understand every small detail. She prioritises the patients health first and then looks into weight loss which helped me a lot. I could deal with my issues and i am handling it quite well without medication by following the diet she recommended specifically without compromising on my favourite foods.


Shruti tries to understand your health requirement and recommends easy to follow eating options which are very effective . She is a thorough professional.

Gunveen Ahuja, BANGALORE

Her diet plan has helped me to reduce GERD problem.

Manashi Ghadia, BANGALORE

It’s been one month I had a consultation with Shruti Gupta .My weight is reduced by 5 kg I happy with the result.

Sujit Patsani, BANGALORE

One on one she sees to that our problems are solved, her follow ups are too good.

Harshini Devatha, BANGALORE

Very good experience with shruti. I had consulted her for weight loss plan and some health issues. In just 15 days only I feel 50% recovery. Will Highly recommend to go with her without any second thought....


Kamladeep S, Bangalore

 I have been suffering from thyroid last 5+ years. Have been suffering from digestion issues and several other issues becuase of thyroid. I first heard Shruti at a webinar and was really interested in trying out wholistic healing. Her tips were very simple which included some minor  changes in diet and lifestyle. I can see a lot of improvement in my energy levels after adapting these changes and a good side affect - weight loss :). Really love her simple, nutritious and wholesome recipes. Thanks Shruti, looking forward to the healing journey!

Shilpa, Bangalore

Before my consultation with Shruti, I wasn't really sure if a nutritionist would be able to help me. My wife had booked an appointment with Shruti to help lower my blood pressure levels, anxiety levels and to get rid of the acid reflux. Shruti shared a questionnaire with us before our consultation. She spent a good amount of time to analyse my health and diet before consultation. During the course of consultation I felt safe and comfortable. She suggested a few lifestyle and diet changes. She made us realise the importance of healthy eating and suggested few recipes which would bring positive changes in my health. After following her suggestions for a couple of weeks, the results were outstanding!

I highly recommend Shruti. She has great ideas, suggestions and full of positivity.

Thanks Shruti!

Sajid Ahmed, Bangalore, India

Recently my mum had a stroke and was feeling very weak and started having other medical issues. I contacted Shruti @diet4ever who spent lot of time understanding my mum’s conditions, lifestyle and her choice of foods. Shruti then prepared a diet plan tailored to suit my mum’s needs, likes and dislikes.It was very easy to follow and few weeks into it, we see a difference in her overall health and some specific conditions. Shruti has provided us with some easy to follow, healthy and tasty recipes. Also Shruti was in contact with us after the consultation just following up and getting updates on my mum‘s health.Thanks a ton for your time and effort and help.

Dee Arora, London

I’ve been anaemic for a while and wary of supplements for various reasons. That’s when I got in touch with Shruti @diet4ever and she turned things around for me. In the most simplistic manner she introduced changes to my diet...nothing out of the blue, nothing that I couldn’t keep up with. <span class="non_mobile_only">It seemed like meals I would make on any other day, just with the right ingredients and combinations. It has made the world of difference to me both in my iron levels and my energy levels.</span> Can’t be more thankful.

Mansheel Oberoi, London

I just would like to say thank you. After following your guidance my energy levels increased and now I am taking the supplements that you recommended and I can feel the difference already. Thank you. You are doing a brilliant work.

Fabricia Amaral, London

I saw Shruti to get a customised diet plan for my health issues. She explained me everything in great detail and in an easy to understand manner. She also provided some healthy recipes to incorporate in my diet plan. After following her plan my sleep has become better and also my blood sugars are in balance. I have also lost little weight. I would highly recommend her.

Mala Pathak, London

When I was diagnosed with some health issues I received some wonderful bespoke advice from Shruti. She looked into all my issues and prepared a detailed food plan for me. Since following this plan I have never felt better! Shruti is very knowledgeable and so supportive. Her recipes are delicious! If anyone is looking for a dietitian I would highly recommend Shruti! And she is utterly lovely!

Sanjana Mariswamy-Miah, London