Nutrition Counseling

I offer a free 20 minute phone consultation with no obligation to discuss any issues you have and how I can help you. After that if you agree to go for a personalised nutrition plan I will send you a health questionnaire with a three day food diary which you have to fill and send me back as it will help me analyse your case better. Then we meet for a consultation either face to face or on phone where we will explore your main health goal, discuss the analysis of your case, and create a personalised nutrition and lifestyle programme.

  • Who can I help?

    Anyone who wants to see how nutrition may support their health. You may be experiencing lack of energy, difficulty sleeping, feeling stressed, low in immune system and having frequent cold. It may be weight management, thyroid, or digestive issues such as bloating, IBS, constipation, or hormonal concerns such as PMS, menopause. Or just want to support your general health for the long term.

  • How do I help?

    Once you agree to move forward, you can either have a 1:1 consultation, or go for WellBeing package.

    • A 1:1 consultation typically lasts 1 hour and also includes one remote follow up.
    • WellBeing package is a 12 week programme. It includes set of consultations/follow ups over a 12-week period. A set of customised recipes along with continuous monitoring and support is also offered as part of this package.
    • I also offer HandsOn workshops where you will get hands-on experience to prepare recipes
  • Tests and supplements

    I offer functional testing to help assess your hormone levels and identify nutritional deficiencies or imbalances that may be manifesting as symptoms. I also recommend testing for food sensitivities and may also advise supplements to support your health

Nutrition Workshops

I run workshop on healthy eating for children and also for pregnant, lactating women.I also conduct workshops to share tips on healthy eating both for adults and children. For more details on this contact me on

Healthy Kids Nutrition

As a mother to two young boys I am fully able to understand the challenges of healthy eating for kids. We can help you support kids nutrition and their healthy growth by a personalized plan and kids friendly recipes.